«Lemons» animation studio

To redesign and refresh the existing logo. To find a symbol that reflects the personality and creativity
of the animation studio and to build one significant brand identity.

The main idea is that all animation videos produced by Lemons studio are handmade.
The team works on creating every character, movement, and frame in the videos without relying on pre-made templates.
Lemons specializes in creating 2D, 3D and frame-by-frame animation videos from scratch.
Therefore hands became the central theme in both the logo and identity.

The snap is a simple memorable sign, visually reflect the sound of snapping fingers.
Its meaning resembles the exclamation «Exactly!» or «I got it!» and carries a positive sign, as the slang «Awesome!».

The blend of various graphics in the branding highlight the diverse expertise of the team,
which includes illustrators, animators, and 3D artists, each with their unique approach to their craft.
Every Lemons video is unique, the team experiments with new techniques and delivers something new each time.

Throughout the design process we explored various directions in search of one significant symbol
that could be the foundation for the brand identity.

The mark and the system of icons are based on the hand image. 
In the corporate style the hand can have absolutely different shapes.

The logo symbol is the «snap», with significant visual movement, sound, and meaning like «Exactly!» or «I got it!»

The brand colors are a classic triad of white, gray and black with a bright accent of neon lemon color.

We collected all the branding elements into one guideline to simplify the creation of other assets such as websites,
presentations, etc., and also ensuring a unified style throughout.

All of the studio's work is like stickers on a laptop, each with its own story. We incorporated not only hand icons
but also frames from videos, characters and elements of illustrations to represent the diverse talents of the Lemons team.

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